So during the day I normally jot down little idea about things I was grateful for. Today I have nothing. So this will be a complete improvisation and genuine exercise in squeezing some grateful out of the day…

  1. To try and mitigate his ADHD defiant streak, my kid goes to karate once a week. The parents are specifically told not to look at their phones but watch in rapture as their kids pook around doing half-assed kicks and chewing on the bottom of their karate belt. Honestly I’d rather eat cold glue, but I can’t just Facebook scroll through it as I won’t look present. But today I remembered – oh yes – the audio book… I always have an audio book on the go and I plugged in, covered my earbuds with my hair and no one was any the wiser… Genius.
  2. I didn’t get up to write this morning. Normally I get up at 5am and pound out a decent half an hour before the crazy starts, but today I didn’t. The dog started barking about midnight last night and I was awake for a couple of hours so I used that as my excuse not to do it. However. Today I felt terrible and bummed all day that I didn’t write this morning. I didn’t like feeling like that so tomorrow I will definitely get up and write. I’ll also probably sneak out into my writing studio to do it instead of trying to type in my bedroom with the eldest child making demands (his demands start at 5am – which is when I get up to write. Child, don’t you know mamma’s trying to write a bestseller?)
  3. My little sister and I were messaging today and turns out she’s completely overwhelmed by her life. I told her I was that way too until very recently and I told her to meditate. I think she might just start doing it. Another life saved!
  4. We finished one Diary of a Wimpy Kid and we literally got stuck right into the next one. Turns out Eldest really likes reading when it’s a book he actually likes. Nothing illogical about that. Who likes reading shit they don’t like to read?
  5. I sent off an email to Mumsnet today suggesting they use my latest novel as one of their book club books. The email I composed turned out alright and on the way home I had this wild fantasy that they read my book, loved it and offered me a column all about being a stressed working-mum, ex-pat living in LA. It was a happy little fantasy and I enjoyed living it quite thoroughly.
  6. I also love that I didn’t just feel I had to qualify number five with IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.
  7. As soon as I got into work today my co-worker (who always has fabulous stories) told me that she was sitting on the bus traveling to work (she takes the bus as she is Canadian) when a naked man ran past her window. He didn’t look molested or drunk. In fact he looked like he was just going for a nice early morning run… BUT NAKED. Making up plausible backstories for Running Naked Man got me through the first two hours of my nullifying work day.
  8. I looked a bit prettier than normal when I looked in the mirror today. I’ve no idea why – especially as I didn’t sleep well last night with the dog barking because Dude hadn’t come to bed.
  9. I started reading a cool book by a new author I really like! “All the Good Parts” by Loretta Nyhan. I like it!
  10. And look how easy that was to find 10 great things about the day without even really trying. LOVE IT! See you tomorrow.

Saturday Gratitudes

Hello. More gratefulness coming at ya:

  1. I posted on FB today that I was going to the local play place and did anyone want to join? I got a text from a buddy nearby just as we were leaving and her and her son came over to ours and played all day! The kids loved it. The mummies loved it. We had coffee, and had lunch, then got covered in mud at the park and had wine and spent all day chatting about nothing that I can remember and it just felt so NORMAL. Maybe I’m the only one, but life seems so conveyer belt-like at times (work, kids, facebook check, homework, second career, facebook check, tweet, kids, kids activities, scheduled sex, wiping toddler poop butts) that idle days laughing and talking with friends are pretty rare. I expect some people spend every weekend hanging out in a haze of mummy friends, but to me it felt luxurious.
  2. I’ve been watching with a kind of sad caution recently as my eight-year-old turns from child to tween before my very eyes. It’s cool but also (like every parent on the planet) I wonder where the time went, and most of all I wonder if I spent it in the right way. Again, like most parents I work full-time and I often feel like I missed a good chunk of my eldest’s childhood. I’ve been off and on glum recently that I’ve missed it. It’s gone. And I was too busy working for the man to really dive in appreciate it. However, today at the play place filled with toddlers and train sets and stickle bricks and princess costumes he played like a toddler too. Except minus the black tantrums he used to throw when he was three. All in all, it’s all good. He’s still a little boy. Even though he’s a big little boy.
  3. I got a message from my sister today that my Dad had ‘rushed on a hunt for the paper’ when he heard I was in it. I’m not talking about the NY Times here, I’m talking about our dinky little 12k circulation home town paper that I did an interview with last week. My parents aren’t the type to stand at the forefront of everything I do with a couple of poms poms shouting “Ra Ra Yes You Are… Awesome” or anything, but on the balance of things, they are more or less supportive of all the stuff I get up to. And that’s kind of cool. I thought parents being supportive was just a given growing up, but now I see that a lot of people don’t get that from their folks. I’m lucky.
  4. My eldest has ADHD. Some days it’s all very very hard, but today wasn’t bad at all. I take days like today and put them in my pocket, so I can take a nibble on them later when the going gets rough and he’s back to tearing the shower curtain off its rail.
  5. The pizza guy rang the door bell this evening and the explosion of activity that went off in the house at the sound of the doorbell actually seemed hilarious instead of highly stressful like normal. The dog yapping,  eldest child yapping too, the youngest screaming “POLICE!”. Instead of alarmed, I could see it how the pizza guy must see it and I was mildly amused.
  6. The dude is putting BOTH kids to bed tonight so I can go out. It’s a b’day party with a group of people I don’t know that well and it may or may not be fun, but out is out. For a 40-year-old mum of two a night, out at a wine bar with a group of other semi-known mums is the equivalent of a 24-year-old’s week in Vegas.
  7. I heard something today that maybe an Urban legend but I enjoyed it anyway.

MLK day

  1. MLK day today and I’m grateful that so many of my friends have been stirred to new heights when it comes to modern day politics. Maybe it takes something really bad to happen before this country gets the wake up call it needs. If so I guess what’s happening right now is a good thing… Maybe.
  2. My sister put on Facebook that she intends to binge watch the next couple of season of The Man in the High Castle. Now I’ve read the book and I found unfathomably dense to get through and understand at times. I’m assured it’s a classic but I just couldn’t get my head around it and I know for a fact that my sister wouldn’t have jogged along with the book either (though she was always the one who had to explain the James Bond film plots to me so maybe she would have been just fine with it). However, the fact that a bunch of TV writers have taken the salient themes of this worthy tome and made a TV show out of it that people actually want to watch, I think, is brilliant.
  3. You know how much I love me a bit of Jojo Moyes. I was lamenting her brilliance in an online writer’s group today and someone gave me a huge tip. Type out the first chapter of her book. It’s just like those students who go to the National Gallery and paint pictures of the masters. You learn by copying out. So I did. And I learned a lot of stuff about how she writes and how I don’t write. I figured out that she’s an extrovert writer and in my writing I’m in an introvert – and I need to have my characters have more relaxed and broader conversations. I learned a lot of other stuff that’s now just strangely coded into my brain in a way I can’t even explain.
  4. I learned a little about microdosing today. Sounds highly intriguing and more to come on that.
  5. The beauty of an extra day away from the office. Yes sir. And the family spent the day doing nothing much, but funnily enough NOT on tvs or computers. It was pretty blissful.
  6. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast which was a non-event for me but the kids were more excited than they were for Christmas.
  7. One of my writing pals today wrote a blog posting that nailed it about living in one country whilst being originally from another country and than having to write literature in a language that’s essentially foreign to you. I’m English, live in American, I have one agent in London and one in NY and the characters in my books are always weird half-breeds. It’s hard. And at some point I’m going to run out of compelling backstories for them to be so justifiably half and half – sigh.
  8. The eldest child was kind of excited to do his vision board today. We didn’t get to it in the end, but the seed was definitely planted.
  9. The dude watched the kid today while I spent more time in my lovely writing studio. That thing is filled with nothing but good vibes and has a snuggly warm heater. I really love that place – even though it’s as ugly as fuck and has an awkwardly large keyboard rammed right in front of my writing wall. (Writing wall is the wall where you slap up the initial brain vomit that is an idea for a book on dozens of index cards and then shuffle it around till a story emerges.)
  10. Somewhere in the haze that was today I got a minute to clean the house and now all the odd and weird piles have been cleaned up and some of the dust is gone. It looks like a home again.


I’ve got a feeling the gratitudes are just going to flow today. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got:

  1. The dude went to pick up little dude this morning and I all got all morning to write. Tack this on to what I got done yesterday and I got 2.5k words written this weekend and planned out a bunch of new text. That’s small fry compared with what some writers do in a couple of days, but for me that’s a lot!
  2. I worked out that if I keep up the pace of 1k words a day (unlikely but you never know) I could be done with this first draft by the end of February.
  3. I talked to another author from my imprint today on the phone. It was cool. She was really nice and easy to talk to and we swapped notes. Also she has a son-in-law who works at William Morris too so that never hurts…
  4. Still reading “One for One” by Joyo Moynes and loving it. A good book doesn’t come by that often but when you can find one you can really disappear into it’s something special.
  5. By some miracle the kids have been good all day. Like really good.
  6. We had rotisserie chicken for dinner and it was yummy dot com and so easy – just whack it on the plate next to some steamed asparagus and we’re all done.
  7. The dude doesn’t have to work tomorrow on MLK day. It looked like he was going to have to but he went to work tonight instead!
  8. The dude just got home which means tonight we can have TV time! TV time is rare for me as I get up so early to write that by the time the kids are down, it’s time for me to go to sleep. However MLK day tomorrow means no alarm clock so I can stay up till maybe 10! Wooo hoo!
  9. I’ve decided to drink no more than one alcoholic drink a day and have so far stuck to it. I had three last night which isn’t unusual and there’s just no need for it. I had a headache for most of the morning this morning and quite frankly I could have done without that. So far I’ve stuck to it. (It’s only been one day and the day’s not over but here’s hoping.)
  10. The dude actually seems to still be a bit better for therapy. Sundays when the little dude comes back are often difficult but today it seemed to go ok. So yay!

Saturday innit

  1. It was Friday the 13th yesterday and nothing bad happened. Oh, except I hit a parked car. It’s fine. I’m fine. I left a note with my contact details (on the back of a flyer for my novel – you never know when you might pick up a reader) expecting to receive the wrath of a very angry person very soon and I got a short email the next day profusely thanking me for leaving a note and asking me how I wanted to handle it. And now 24 hours later – it’s handled. Not nice, but as nice as is possible under the circumstances…
  2. My co-worker brought me a little red ribbon chicken pie for breakfast on Thursday. If that’s not something to be grateful about then I don’t know what is. That’s just straight up gratitude in a small white breakfast package right there. It was delicious!
  3. My son says ‘gobbles’ instead of ‘goggles’ and the word comes up more often in the course of the day-to-day than you might think. I should have corrected him years ago but didn’t because I thought it was adorable. It’s still adorable.
  4. My neighbor just dropped round with her kid. We sat and chatted. The kid threw a fit and then she went home. It was just so normal and nice. It’s been a longtime of me living in LA before I had the kind of life where people just came and over and hung out. I’m lucky. Some people go their whole lives and don’t get that.
  5. On Friday I drove to work while the moon was still up in the sky (like always) and instead of being annoyed at the ridculidity of my life, I was enchanted. As I turned one corner U2 started randomly blaring out of speakers (honestly no idea why) and the whole thing just went from pretty cool to a magical moment. Turns out that U2 plus moonshine is the right combination to start a day.
  6. I have one fan. Just one. Maybe there are more secret fans out there but I have one ‘self declared’ fan that I have recently been made aware of. He lives in Istanbul and he contacted me to let me know how much he enjoyed my last novel. I looked at his goodreads feed and it’s a fascinating. It’s half chick lit, half very serious reading.
  7. Since I joined this group of authors at my imprint recently I’ve been feeling a little ‘bla.’ They all seems to have huge sales and be full-time writers and take it all very seriously and way up into the next level. I feel quite am-dram in comparison. They are also all pumping out multiple novels a year. It’s a bit depressing. However. First thing this morning the little one came running in with a new fairy story she wanted me to read. It was basically a sooped up version of The Tortoise and the Hare and I was reminded that often times, slow and steady wins the race. One must have impetus of course. But there’s no point in speed for the sake of it. I’m going at my own rate, turning in quality material. It’s all good.
  8. Still narrowing in and getting clearer on goals and I decided today that my actual goal for 2017 is to make $100k in sales from novels. Lofty but when I sat and thought about it, actually doable. Let’s see how I do! As soon as I put the goal out I got hit with a few ideas. It’s not ideas I’m short of though, but the time to implement them. However, let’s see where the wiggle room comes and I’m sure before I know it, time will open up her lady bud to me and it will all be possible.
  9. The dude went to therapy yesterday and he does seem the better for it. Let’s see how he does when Eldest child comes home and the arguments start..But that he’s even getting help at all is a big start.
  10. I’ve been meditating for a bit now and suddenly I’ve started to get a bit more comfortable with it. I’ve had a couple of moments where I felt like I was soaring through space and I don’t know whether that’s a mind/body synapse thing going on or I’m starting to officially commune with the divine. Either way, I seem to be all round a bit calmer and good things are showing up in my life so it’s working out…

Thursday day

Well. Another shakey day in gratitude land but that only serves to remind me why this blog, and me taking time out of every day to center myself is so so important. I will right the listing ship and carry on!

  1. I’m going to have a conversation with an author from the same imprint as me on Saturday. We’re going to talk about the hot topics and it’s going to be awesome. Or maybe it will be horrifying, but either way I might learn a few things.
  2. Barack. We may be losing him and getting something rather scary in his place but at least we had him while we did…
  3. There’s a woman I work with who’s got to be at least 60 and she dyes her her blue. Not grandma blue – vibrant blue. I’m not sure why she does it but whatever her reason, it’s all pretty awesome.
  4. I managed to get a bit of grounding on the drive home from work today. I was like: what am I up to these days and I had a good think and got a few bits to click into place. I got home and decided i’d devote some time to youngest child (done), focus on my self awareness for a bit (doing) and then possibly write a bit later on tonight. I also realized that my life as it is right now, isn’t perfect but I’m pretty close to getting everything worked out. We must be grateful for what is yet to appear and have faith that it will come.
  5. My vision board. My vision board rocks it. I did it on NY eve with some friends and it’s a thing of beauty. I visualized it as I was driving home today and it makes me feel pretty happy when I do. It’s so pretty.
  6. We had curry for dinner and it was just what I needed. I think i’m coming down with slight cold or some type of virus and a spicy curry was just what I needed to blow everything straight out of my digestive tract – ha!
  7. Eldest child is with his father tonight. We’ve been doing better with him this week than we normally do and I’m always sad to see him go, but life’s just easier with just one non-angry kid around. I’ll be all the more grateful to get him back on Sunday. Some mums share custody and spend the whole time upset and missing their kids. Not I.
  8. It’s cold which means my dude is wearing a beany hat. He looks cute in a beany hat.
  9. Somehow despite the downpours, all the books in little free library (basically books hanging out in a wooden box) stayed dry!
  10. The dude is helping youngest child on the potty right now which means, for once, that I don’t have to do it. Yay helpful Dads! Plus she’s singing a song about being on the toilet and it’s totally adorable.


I can feel myself sliding off the gratitude train but this blog is a great reminder if why I want to stay on it so back I come. I saged the whole house today. Which basically means I blew sage smoke into every crevice in the house to blow the negativity out and let the light in. Oh to be able to blow a puff of sage into the four corners of this great county. And also up a certain individual’s asshole.  But without any further ado. The ten:

  1. Writing this blog. If you’re wondering where a full-time editor/author/mother of two gets time to write a blog, the quick answer is: I don’t. This is written in the twenty one minutes that both of my children are sitting in the tub every night. Hence I write as fast as the mother fucking wind. This seems to stir the juices of creativity and it’s spilling over into my ‘proper’ writing. Who knew I was so lazy and needed this kind of a prod to get me going. Erm. I did.
  2. Also I write this to a backdrop of ‘mommy, mommy, mommy, MOMMY.’ And somehow I manage to filter it out so I guess this is all goody good for my focus too. When my children leave home I’ll need to buy an annoying parakeet to scream at me all day or something or I won’t be able to get a thing written.
  3. Sometimes I think my life isn’t ENOUGH. I’m not doing enough, eating the right amount of organic/orgasmic things, going to the cool places, having the right experiences or meeting the good people. And then I think – well, what would you say to an 18 century French peasant girl who felt like she didn’t have enough or see enough of the world? You’d probably tell her she was quite right but also you’d probably tell her that she was enough and her life was enough just as it is. Because there’s nothing much about an 18 century French peasant girl’s life that needs to change. It just IS. It’s fine, really. Probably grim in places and unimaginably beautiful  and peaceful in other places. More beautiful or grim than we could begin imagine. And it’s just fine in the way that she’s experiencing it. It’s meant to be that way. No adjustments needed. It’s all good.
  4. As my son stares at my fingertips running over the keyboard and utters the ‘whoa’ of an impressed tween, I’m reminded of how fast I type. I speed-type. I went to proper secretarial school and I can type one thing whilst talking about something completely different. This means I can bash out 1000 words in the time it takes you to have a skimpy shower. I be fast and shit. It helps.
  5.  I’m starting to connect with other authors over night! I’ve been meditating on how I can grow my books sales and it seems like new connections are happening every day. Right now I’m learning a lot from these fellow authors and this is only the beginning. Bwa ha ha haaaaaaa.
  6. More people coming to my birthday party. It’s a spa day AND a dinner at this point. My two BFFs couldn’t make the spa day but they CAN make the dinner. It’s going to be brill! Almost worth turning 40 for.
  7. As you know, Eldest has ADHD. Some days handling an ADHD kid is sad and scary. When the rage runs big, it runs true and high and wild. Today was an angry day. However. I managed to pull him back from the brink and turn it around. No. Small. Feat. And I did it using techniques that I found after about two years of research. I managed to hold it together long enough to apply the techniques and in the end it worked. A day at a time over here. A day at a time.
  8. Dude is pulling a splinter out of little dude’s finger right now. I’m glad I have someone in this house who isn’t afraid of handling medical shit cause I am not down for any of that.
  9. Little dude came and snuggled this morning and when my alarm went off to get up and write, I turned it off and we listened to the rain and cuddled up instead. It was a good idea.
  10. My littlest one wore pigtails to school today and it was THE BEST! The best I’m telling you.

Tuesday ramblings

So today I felt a little downish for the first time in a few days. I’m not sure why. The same old things I suppose. I wish I could spend more of my day writing fiction and less working for the man. But if that’s my biggest problem it’s not a bad one. I honestly think my issue is that I’m a thrill seeker – I’m always looking for the next hit of entertainment of genuine excitement, but it comes in very small doses. Maybe I’ll put that out in my intention for tomorrow – a few thrills for this 40-year-old broad… In the meantime here’s some things that WERE fun today:

  1. It’s been cold. I love a bit of cold. Chilly at night, putting on an extra blanket, snuggling between icy sheets wearing long sleeve pajamas. And the reasons I love the cold so much are A. It makes me nostalgic for my English boarding school childhood where we would wake up with ice on the inside of the windows, Jane Eyre style – I’m not kidding – and B. It’s such a blessed contrast to the roaring heat of the summer that attacks the valleys of Los Angeles at the first hint of the June. Yay global warming (not not not not not.)
  2. I’m off Ambien. Writing this out may jinx everything so I’ll keep this entry short. But sufficient to say – it was not sustainable long term and I managed to kick the habit. Handy Hint: Go from a full tablet, to half a table, to a quarter of a tablet, to a quarter every other day. It’s easier that way and chopping them up will make you feel all glamorous like a South American drug Lord.
  3. I saw a dude in the elevator at work who I know’s been struggling with this awful cancer off and on for most his adult life. I see him struggle like mad with it, but that man squeezes every droplet he can out of the life he has left. Concerts, vacas, Disney land etc. He’s in and out of chemo and up and down mountains and then puking and wearing diapers so he can run marathons despite only having one leg (the cancer took the other). He’s awesome. He’s kind of my hero. But best of all, seeing him in the elevator today he looked totally ‘normal’ – if a bit on the thin side – even though I know things aren’t normal at all for him. Either way it was good to see him at work. Doing the thing.
  4. Eldest child is hot in the case for me to buy him seaweed. He traded some at school for a pack of Fritos and now he’s mad for the green stuff. I love that my eight-year-old is even aware that seaweed can be eaten. I lived on an english diet of boiled potatoes and chicken till I was about 18 and I didn’t even eat an avocado till I was about 28. Progress people. The human race is progressing.
  5. I dyed my own hair last week and managed to cover the grey without ending up looking like a tabby cat in mourning. My sister is a color technician at a fancy hair salon in London so the fact that I’m coloring my own hair is a straight up betrayal of blood. However. It worked out fine. Birds did not fall from the trees. I was not struck down by the angry zap of the hair goddess straighteners in the sky. It was fine. I covered the grey and it looked ok and cost about 1/8 of the price of the salon situation. Just sayin’…
  6. Dude at work discovered that we do get MLK day off AND it’s coming up this Monday. His unfiltered joy was a beautiful thing to behold.
  7. Steam-free mirrors. I don’t have steam-free mirrors and every morning when I have to wipe a little hole within the steam cloud to put on my makeup I think, hmph. However. I know that some people in this fine world do have steam-free mirrors (I’ve been told this happens in hotels in Japan) and for them I’m grateful for the saved convenience. Also my great grandchildren will probably have steam-free mirrors as a matter of course so I’m grateful on their behalf too.
  8. My Mum emailed me yesterday how much she was enjoying this blog. Of course she doesn’t see this blog, but the sanitized version of these posts that I put on my author blog. This blog being kind of being like what the dark internet is to the normal internet. Either way she said it was about the only thing that got her through the day which probably says more about her life than my writing skills, but anyway… It was nice to hear.
  9. My co-worker brought me a little red ribbon chicken pie for breakfast this morning. If that’s not something to be grateful about then I don’t know what it is. That’s just straight up gratitude in a small white breakfast package right there. It was delicious!
  10. My son says ‘gobbles’ instead of ‘goggles’ and the word comes up more often in the course of the day-to-day than you might think. I should have corrected him years ago but didn’t because I thought it was adorable. It’s still adorable.

Corgis and Trumpiness

So today was the first ‘proper’ day back for everyone today after the holidays. The tube staff in London were on strike. People in LA flooded the freeways to protest at the Trumpiness of the world and in my office we looked at videos of Corgis running down a corridor and that was the Monday.

  1. On the way home there were a series of about four traffic lights out and to prevent a traffic apocalypse, a bunch of traffic cops with white gloves were out – waving their arms around. At the last of these lights I saw a gifted traffic cop. I’m not kidding. He was gifted. His movements were fluid like a ballerinas and he was so so zen. It wasn’t traffic direction, it was art. It was beautiful and I couldn’t stop watching this dumpy little Latino cop move his arms around in these amazing fluid-yet-empathic movements. We’re all scrubbing around in the mud trying to find our calling – right? Today I saw what it looks like when someone finds what it is their supposed to do with their life – and it was beautiful.
  2. It’s still raining and I’m loving every droplet of it. I should really live in Seattle or really anywhere other than LA as too much sun makes me miserable and itchy. But anyway – today the clouds were sitting halfway down the mountain like a bunch of smug cotton balls and I swear it was like Buddah had farted and wrapped it up on a puff of smoke and stuck it on the hillside. The whole thing was transcendent. I really like rain y’all.
  3. My OH is a sound dude in Hollywood. To say work is up and down is a big fat understatement. We live in a state of famine or feast all the time. When he’s working the money is great. And that’s good because we spend a lot of it. I’ve no idea on what. No one’s taking fancy vacations or driving fancy cars round ours. It’s just the price of life, isn’t it. Anyway, today he found he’s got a gig that’s probably going to last for months. That means months without having to worry about money. Nothing’s ever guaranteed of course, but a hint of work is better than a not hint of work. Awesome sauce.
  4. Which transitions to my next point. My OH works with some Hollywood peeps who are, shall we say, behaviorally challenged. Between that and the ADHD Eldest it can get pretty stressful and instead of just going into a Cave of Dark Sad Mood he’s decided to go and see a therapist about his stressful life so he can talk it all out. All he basically needs is a male flesh wall to sit and hear him out. I offered to be the flesh wall but he says he prefers for someone else to hear it in order to preserve some sweetness in our relationship. Fair enough.
  5. The kids sat down nicely at their little art table today and were quiet for about seven minute while they did an art project. The eldest drew a gem and the youngest did an orange sparkly splodge. They’ve actually both pretty good at art I’ve noticed and I love that they get so absorbed in it. Also gives mommy a cotton pickin’ minute to go and re-fill her wine glass without “mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy…”
  6. I’m doing pretty well with the first draft of my next novel. However I just passed one major plot point yesterday and today when I sat down to write more, I was terrified I’d ‘lost it’. Sometimes a book just slips away from you and there’s nothing you can do about it. It happens to me a lot. But the words still came and the stuff was still good. I think blogging like this in about fifteen minutes of frenzied no-presh typing is actually helping my novel writing. Bonuses for everyone.
  7. I had a wacky dream last night that Kate Hudson’s baby vomited on me so she decided to take me to a secret clubhouse to get cleaned up. We crawled into the clubhouse through the fire-pit and when we got there it was full of 40 year old white guys and I thought, “This is not a place for women” and then I woke up. It’s totally a sign. My mom met her BFF when her daughter vomited on her daughter so this obviously means Kate Hudson would love to be my BFF. The clubhouse is like Hollywood – Kate Hudson’s going to show me the secret backdoor in. When I get there it’ll be a bit white male dominated, but it’s all good. I’ll go and join in anyway. Today I found out who Kate Hudson’s manager is and I’m going to mail him my last novel. A bit of a shot in the dark. Ok, a total shot in the dark. But at least my gun is firing.
  8. I made some dinner today and I added about twenty million more cheese than I normally do to this specific shitty recipe and it went from a ho hum dish to something actually quite yummy. We all like quite yummy.
  9. Red wine. I’m drinking the best – you’d better believe it – red wine right now. OH’s millionaire boss gave us a crate of wine for xmas and each bottle has been like a song. I love it. And I love that OH and I drink it together and don’t hoard it for a celebration or something lame like that. Everyday’s a celebration!
  10. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. My eldest is a ‘reluctant reader’ which basically means he won’t even be read to. Kid doesn’t even like Harry Potter. For real. He enjoyed the Captain Underpants series but we tore right through that and that author’s made so much dough he’s only outputting a new kids book every couple of years now. Unacceptable. But today we started the Wimpy Kid series and it’s fabulous. No boring “Jack n Annie style” descriptions of ancient Rome here. It’s awesome and Eldest is managing to read it with no trouble. Awesome sauce.

Sunday funday

  1. I’m from England and I’m very fussy about my tea. The water’s not right. It’s too strong. Too milky. Not milky enough. Today I had two perfect cups of tea in a row and I enjoyed them so much I actually smacked my lips. Tea rocks it.
  2. A friend sent me an awesome passage from a book about a seed that grows up to be a beautiful tomato plant and how improbable the whole miracle is but yet it happens anyway. I woke up and the message was right there and I can’t think of a better way I could have started the day. Nature is magic. Life is magic. Tomato seeds are magic.
  3. I snuck off into my writing studio today and wrote a cracking scene that’s one of the huge plot points in my next novel. I got it just right. I have two kids and a full-time job so writing time is stolen from other time. Namely time with my family and time when I should be sleeping. Another friend told me today that she admires my dedication. But it’s not dedication, is it. It’s compulsion. I’m compelled to write. I mean there about four people reading this at the most and yet here I am, typing away. Why? Because I have to. And today I got to do it. Two hours unadulterated (or rather unchilded) writing time. And what rewards.
  4. The weather was nuts beautiful today. The rain cleared, it was gently warm but mellow. A bit of a chill in the evening air. I can’t imagine weather more perfect. I guess that’s what you come to expect of Southern California but having grown up in England I will never take it for granted.
  5. I’m reading another great book – this time by Jojo Moyes. I can’t remember the title – does it even matter, they’re all brilliant. She’s such an amazing writer. I’ve been trying to analyze why and I gave up because don’t know why. She’s just great. Unusual name. Wonder what the story behind it is.
  6. Gratitude 494 has 18 Twitter followers. Whoo Hoo! Microscopic potatoes I know. But hey – not bad for something I started the day before yesterday on a whim.
  7. The kids played NICELY together this evening. They made lego towers and brought them to me for judgement and I gave each construction a thorough but upbeat critique. Kids are so creative. Each tower had windows for viewing caterpillars and drawers for hiding from the zombies and launch pads for firing humans into space so they could fix the universe. Kids are awful. But they are also the most awesome special things on the planet.
  8. I haven’t seen La La Land yet but I’m stashing it away in my ‘this will be fun later’ safe. Good to know people are still creating awesome things that can thrill and delight – even now. All the stories will never be told. They keep coming in. And I can’t wait to see and read them all.
  9. My daughter loves to read. I managed to pass my love of literature onto one of my children. The eldest can’t abide it but the younger one can’t get enough. Sometimes she sits me down and tells me stories about fairies and igloos though she didn’t have any today because she said the stories were ‘all with you mommy.’ What does that mean? Has my greedy writer spirit sucked all the stories over into my aura in some kind of greedy story vacuum. I’ve no idea. Kids live in a different realm. But really. They do. I wish I could go there with them. I think that’s why I write. So I can get a glimmer of what they see all day long.
  10. It’s Sunday evening. I’m not over the moon about going to work tomorrow but I’m not cut up about it either. Not everyone gets that. My job is bla. But it’s ok. I’m working on getting to a non-bla situation, but for now bla is better than bloody awful. Bring on the Monday!