So during the day I normally jot down little idea about things I was grateful for. Today I have nothing. So this will be a complete improvisation and genuine exercise in squeezing some grateful out of the day…

  1. To try and mitigate his ADHD defiant streak, my kid goes to karate once a week. The parents are specifically told not to look at their phones but watch in rapture as their kids pook around doing half-assed kicks and chewing on the bottom of their karate belt. Honestly I’d rather eat cold glue, but I can’t just Facebook scroll through it as I won’t look present. But today I remembered – oh yes – the audio book… I always have an audio book on the go and I plugged in, covered my earbuds with my hair and no one was any the wiser… Genius.
  2. I didn’t get up to write this morning. Normally I get up at 5am and pound out a decent half an hour before the crazy starts, but today I didn’t. The dog started barking about midnight last night and I was awake for a couple of hours so I used that as my excuse not to do it. However. Today I felt terrible and bummed all day that I didn’t write this morning. I didn’t like feeling like that so tomorrow I will definitely get up and write. I’ll also probably sneak out into my writing studio to do it instead of trying to type in my bedroom with the eldest child making demands (his demands start at 5am – which is when I get up to write. Child, don’t you know mamma’s trying to write a bestseller?)
  3. My little sister and I were messaging today and turns out she’s completely overwhelmed by her life. I told her I was that way too until very recently and I told her to meditate. I think she might just start doing it. Another life saved!
  4. We finished one Diary of a Wimpy Kid and we literally got stuck right into the next one. Turns out Eldest really likes reading when it’s a book he actually likes. Nothing illogical about that. Who likes reading shit they don’t like to read?
  5. I sent off an email to Mumsnet today suggesting they use my latest novel as one of their book club books. The email I composed turned out alright and on the way home I had this wild fantasy that they read my book, loved it and offered me a column all about being a stressed working-mum, ex-pat living in LA. It was a happy little fantasy and I enjoyed living it quite thoroughly.
  6. I also love that I didn’t just feel I had to qualify number five with IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.
  7. As soon as I got into work today my co-worker (who always has fabulous stories) told me that she was sitting on the bus traveling to work (she takes the bus as she is Canadian) when a naked man ran past her window. He didn’t look molested or drunk. In fact he looked like he was just going for a nice early morning run… BUT NAKED. Making up plausible backstories for Running Naked Man got me through the first two hours of my nullifying work day.
  8. I looked a bit prettier than normal when I looked in the mirror today. I’ve no idea why – especially as I didn’t sleep well last night with the dog barking because Dude hadn’t come to bed.
  9. I started reading a cool book by a new author I really like! “All the Good Parts” by Loretta Nyhan. I like it!
  10. And look how easy that was to find 10 great things about the day without even really trying. LOVE IT! See you tomorrow.

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