Saturday Gratitudes

Hello. More gratefulness coming at ya:

  1. I posted on FB today that I was going to the local play place and did anyone want to join? I got a text from a buddy nearby just as we were leaving and her and her son came over to ours and played all day! The kids loved it. The mummies loved it. We had coffee, and had lunch, then got covered in mud at the park and had wine and spent all day chatting about nothing that I can remember and it just felt so NORMAL. Maybe I’m the only one, but life seems so conveyer belt-like at times (work, kids, facebook check, homework, second career, facebook check, tweet, kids, kids activities, scheduled sex, wiping toddler poop butts) that idle days laughing and talking with friends are pretty rare. I expect some people spend every weekend hanging out in a haze of mummy friends, but to me it felt luxurious.
  2. I’ve been watching with a kind of sad caution recently as my eight-year-old turns from child to tween before my very eyes. It’s cool but also (like every parent on the planet) I wonder where the time went, and most of all I wonder if I spent it in the right way. Again, like most parents I work full-time and I often feel like I missed a good chunk of my eldest’s childhood. I’ve been off and on glum recently that I’ve missed it. It’s gone. And I was too busy working for the man to really dive in appreciate it. However, today at the play place filled with toddlers and train sets and stickle bricks and princess costumes he played like a toddler too. Except minus the black tantrums he used to throw when he was three. All in all, it’s all good. He’s still a little boy. Even though he’s a big little boy.
  3. I got a message from my sister today that my Dad had ‘rushed on a hunt for the paper’ when he heard I was in it. I’m not talking about the NY Times here, I’m talking about our dinky little 12k circulation home town paper that I did an interview with last week. My parents aren’t the type to stand at the forefront of everything I do with a couple of poms poms shouting “Ra Ra Yes You Are… Awesome” or anything, but on the balance of things, they are more or less supportive of all the stuff I get up to. And that’s kind of cool. I thought parents being supportive was just a given growing up, but now I see that a lot of people don’t get that from their folks. I’m lucky.
  4. My eldest has ADHD. Some days it’s all very very hard, but today wasn’t bad at all. I take days like today and put them in my pocket, so I can take a nibble on them later when the going gets rough and he’s back to tearing the shower curtain off its rail.
  5. The pizza guy rang the door bell this evening and the explosion of activity that went off in the house at the sound of the doorbell actually seemed hilarious instead of highly stressful like normal. The dog yapping,  eldest child yapping too, the youngest screaming “POLICE!”. Instead of alarmed, I could see it how the pizza guy must see it and I was mildly amused.
  6. The dude is putting BOTH kids to bed tonight so I can go out. It’s a b’day party with a group of people I don’t know that well and it may or may not be fun, but out is out. For a 40-year-old mum of two a night, out at a wine bar with a group of other semi-known mums is the equivalent of a 24-year-old’s week in Vegas.
  7. I heard something today that maybe an Urban legend but I enjoyed it anyway.

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