MLK day

  1. MLK day today and I’m grateful that so many of my friends have been stirred to new heights when it comes to modern day politics. Maybe it takes something really bad to happen before this country gets the wake up call it needs. If so I guess what’s happening right now is a good thing… Maybe.
  2. My sister put on Facebook that she intends to binge watch the next couple of season of The Man in the High Castle. Now I’ve read the book and I found unfathomably dense to get through and understand at times. I’m assured it’s a classic but I just couldn’t get my head around it and I know for a fact that my sister wouldn’t have jogged along with the book either (though she was always the one who had to explain the James Bond film plots to me so maybe she would have been just fine with it). However, the fact that a bunch of TV writers have taken the salient themes of this worthy tome and made a TV show out of it that people actually want to watch, I think, is brilliant.
  3. You know how much I love me a bit of Jojo Moyes. I was lamenting her brilliance in an online writer’s group today and someone gave me a huge tip. Type out the first chapter of her book. It’s just like those students who go to the National Gallery and paint pictures of the masters. You learn by copying out. So I did. And I learned a lot of stuff about how she writes and how I don’t write. I figured out that she’s an extrovert writer and in my writing I’m in an introvert – and I need to have my characters have more relaxed and broader conversations. I learned a lot of other stuff that’s now just strangely coded into my brain in a way I can’t even explain.
  4. I learned a little about microdosing today. Sounds highly intriguing and more to come on that.
  5. The beauty of an extra day away from the office. Yes sir. And the family spent the day doing nothing much, but funnily enough NOT on tvs or computers. It was pretty blissful.
  6. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast which was a non-event for me but the kids were more excited than they were for Christmas.
  7. One of my writing pals today wrote a blog posting that nailed it about living in one country whilst being originally from another country and than having to write literature in a language that’s essentially foreign to you. I’m English, live in American, I have one agent in London and one in NY and the characters in my books are always weird half-breeds. It’s hard. And at some point I’m going to run out of compelling backstories for them to be so justifiably half and half – sigh.
  8. The eldest child was kind of excited to do his vision board today. We didn’t get to it in the end, but the seed was definitely planted.
  9. The dude watched the kid today while I spent more time in my lovely writing studio. That thing is filled with nothing but good vibes and has a snuggly warm heater. I really love that place – even though it’s as ugly as fuck and has an awkwardly large keyboard rammed right in front of my writing wall. (Writing wall is the wall where you slap up the initial brain vomit that is an idea for a book on dozens of index cards and then shuffle it around till a story emerges.)
  10. Somewhere in the haze that was today I got a minute to clean the house and now all the odd and weird piles have been cleaned up and some of the dust is gone. It looks like a home again.

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