Saturday innit

  1. It was Friday the 13th yesterday and nothing bad happened. Oh, except I hit a parked car. It’s fine. I’m fine. I left a note with my contact details (on the back of a flyer for my novel – you never know when you might pick up a reader) expecting to receive the wrath of a very angry person very soon and I got a short email the next day profusely thanking me for leaving a note and asking me how I wanted to handle it. And now 24 hours later – it’s handled. Not nice, but as nice as is possible under the circumstances…
  2. My co-worker brought me a little red ribbon chicken pie for breakfast on Thursday. If that’s not something to be grateful about then I don’t know what is. That’s just straight up gratitude in a small white breakfast package right there. It was delicious!
  3. My son says ‘gobbles’ instead of ‘goggles’ and the word comes up more often in the course of the day-to-day than you might think. I should have corrected him years ago but didn’t because I thought it was adorable. It’s still adorable.
  4. My neighbor just dropped round with her kid. We sat and chatted. The kid threw a fit and then she went home. It was just so normal and nice. It’s been a longtime of me living in LA before I had the kind of life where people just came and over and hung out. I’m lucky. Some people go their whole lives and don’t get that.
  5. On Friday I drove to work while the moon was still up in the sky (like always) and instead of being annoyed at the ridculidity of my life, I was enchanted. As I turned one corner U2 started randomly blaring out of speakers (honestly no idea why) and the whole thing just went from pretty cool to a magical moment. Turns out that U2 plus moonshine is the right combination to start a day.
  6. I have one fan. Just one. Maybe there are more secret fans out there but I have one ‘self declared’ fan that I have recently been made aware of. He lives in Istanbul and he contacted me to let me know how much he enjoyed my last novel. I looked at his goodreads feed and it’s a fascinating. It’s half chick lit, half very serious reading.
  7. Since I joined this group of authors at my imprint recently I’ve been feeling a little ‘bla.’ They all seems to have huge sales and be full-time writers and take it all very seriously and way up into the next level. I feel quite am-dram in comparison. They are also all pumping out multiple novels a year. It’s a bit depressing. However. First thing this morning the little one came running in with a new fairy story she wanted me to read. It was basically a sooped up version of The Tortoise and the Hare and I was reminded that often times, slow and steady wins the race. One must have impetus of course. But there’s no point in speed for the sake of it. I’m going at my own rate, turning in quality material. It’s all good.
  8. Still narrowing in and getting clearer on goals and I decided today that my actual goal for 2017 is to make $100k in sales from novels. Lofty but when I sat and thought about it, actually doable. Let’s see how I do! As soon as I put the goal out I got hit with a few ideas. It’s not ideas I’m short of though, but the time to implement them. However, let’s see where the wiggle room comes and I’m sure before I know it, time will open up her lady bud to me and it will all be possible.
  9. The dude went to therapy yesterday and he does seem the better for it. Let’s see how he does when Eldest child comes home and the arguments start..But that he’s even getting help at all is a big start.
  10. I’ve been meditating for a bit now and suddenly I’ve started to get a bit more comfortable with it. I’ve had a couple of moments where I felt like I was soaring through space and I don’t know whether that’s a mind/body synapse thing going on or I’m starting to officially commune with the divine. Either way, I seem to be all round a bit calmer and good things are showing up in my life so it’s working out…

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