Thursday day

Well. Another shakey day in gratitude land but that only serves to remind me why this blog, and me taking time out of every day to center myself is so so important. I will right the listing ship and carry on!

  1. I’m going to have a conversation with an author from the same imprint as me on Saturday. We’re going to talk about the hot topics and it’s going to be awesome. Or maybe it will be horrifying, but either way I might learn a few things.
  2. Barack. We may be losing him and getting something rather scary in his place but at least we had him while we did…
  3. There’s a woman I work with who’s got to be at least 60 and she dyes her her blue. Not grandma blue – vibrant blue. I’m not sure why she does it but whatever her reason, it’s all pretty awesome.
  4. I managed to get a bit of grounding on the drive home from work today. I was like: what am I up to these days and I had a good think and got a few bits to click into place. I got home and decided i’d devote some time to youngest child (done), focus on my self awareness for a bit (doing) and then possibly write a bit later on tonight. I also realized that my life as it is right now, isn’t perfect but I’m pretty close to getting everything worked out. We must be grateful for what is yet to appear and have faith that it will come.
  5. My vision board. My vision board rocks it. I did it on NY eve with some friends and it’s a thing of beauty. I visualized it as I was driving home today and it makes me feel pretty happy when I do. It’s so pretty.
  6. We had curry for dinner and it was just what I needed. I think i’m coming down with slight cold or some type of virus and a spicy curry was just what I needed to blow everything straight out of my digestive tract – ha!
  7. Eldest child is with his father tonight. We’ve been doing better with him this week than we normally do and I’m always sad to see him go, but life’s just easier with just one non-angry kid around. I’ll be all the more grateful to get him back on Sunday. Some mums share custody and spend the whole time upset and missing their kids. Not I.
  8. It’s cold which means my dude is wearing a beany hat. He looks cute in a beany hat.
  9. Somehow despite the downpours, all the books in little free library (basically books hanging out in a wooden box) stayed dry!
  10. The dude is helping youngest child on the potty right now which means, for once, that I don’t have to do it. Yay helpful Dads! Plus she’s singing a song about being on the toilet and it’s totally adorable.

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