I can feel myself sliding off the gratitude train but this blog is a great reminder if why I want to stay on it so back I come. I saged the whole house today. Which basically means I blew sage smoke into every crevice in the house to blow the negativity out and let the light in. Oh to be able to blow a puff of sage into the four corners of this great county. And also up a certain individual’s asshole.  But without any further ado. The ten:

  1. Writing this blog. If you’re wondering where a full-time editor/author/mother of two gets time to write a blog, the quick answer is: I don’t. This is written in the twenty one minutes that both of my children are sitting in the tub every night. Hence I write as fast as the mother fucking wind. This seems to stir the juices of creativity and it’s spilling over into my ‘proper’ writing. Who knew I was so lazy and needed this kind of a prod to get me going. Erm. I did.
  2. Also I write this to a backdrop of ‘mommy, mommy, mommy, MOMMY.’ And somehow I manage to filter it out so I guess this is all goody good for my focus too. When my children leave home I’ll need to buy an annoying parakeet to scream at me all day or something or I won’t be able to get a thing written.
  3. Sometimes I think my life isn’t ENOUGH. I’m not doing enough, eating the right amount of organic/orgasmic things, going to the cool places, having the right experiences or meeting the good people. And then I think – well, what would you say to an 18 century French peasant girl who felt like she didn’t have enough or see enough of the world? You’d probably tell her she was quite right but also you’d probably tell her that she was enough and her life was enough just as it is. Because there’s nothing much about an 18 century French peasant girl’s life that needs to change. It just IS. It’s fine, really. Probably grim in places and unimaginably beautiful  and peaceful in other places. More beautiful or grim than we could begin imagine. And it’s just fine in the way that she’s experiencing it. It’s meant to be that way. No adjustments needed. It’s all good.
  4. As my son stares at my fingertips running over the keyboard and utters the ‘whoa’ of an impressed tween, I’m reminded of how fast I type. I speed-type. I went to proper secretarial school and I can type one thing whilst talking about something completely different. This means I can bash out 1000 words in the time it takes you to have a skimpy shower. I be fast and shit. It helps.
  5.  I’m starting to connect with other authors over night! I’ve been meditating on how I can grow my books sales and it seems like new connections are happening every day. Right now I’m learning a lot from these fellow authors and this is only the beginning. Bwa ha ha haaaaaaa.
  6. More people coming to my birthday party. It’s a spa day AND a dinner at this point. My two BFFs couldn’t make the spa day but they CAN make the dinner. It’s going to be brill! Almost worth turning 40 for.
  7. As you know, Eldest has ADHD. Some days handling an ADHD kid is sad and scary. When the rage runs big, it runs true and high and wild. Today was an angry day. However. I managed to pull him back from the brink and turn it around. No. Small. Feat. And I did it using techniques that I found after about two years of research. I managed to hold it together long enough to apply the techniques and in the end it worked. A day at a time over here. A day at a time.
  8. Dude is pulling a splinter out of little dude’s finger right now. I’m glad I have someone in this house who isn’t afraid of handling medical shit cause I am not down for any of that.
  9. Little dude came and snuggled this morning and when my alarm went off to get up and write, I turned it off and we listened to the rain and cuddled up instead. It was a good idea.
  10. My littlest one wore pigtails to school today and it was THE BEST! The best I’m telling you.

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