Tuesday ramblings

So today I felt a little downish for the first time in a few days. I’m not sure why. The same old things I suppose. I wish I could spend more of my day writing fiction and less working for the man. But if that’s my biggest problem it’s not a bad one. I honestly think my issue is that I’m a thrill seeker – I’m always looking for the next hit of entertainment of genuine excitement, but it comes in very small doses. Maybe I’ll put that out in my intention for tomorrow – a few thrills for this 40-year-old broad… In the meantime here’s some things that WERE fun today:

  1. It’s been cold. I love a bit of cold. Chilly at night, putting on an extra blanket, snuggling between icy sheets wearing long sleeve pajamas. And the reasons I love the cold so much are A. It makes me nostalgic for my English boarding school childhood where we would wake up with ice on the inside of the windows, Jane Eyre style – I’m not kidding – and B. It’s such a blessed contrast to the roaring heat of the summer that attacks the valleys of Los Angeles at the first hint of the June. Yay global warming (not not not not not.)
  2. I’m off Ambien. Writing this out may jinx everything so I’ll keep this entry short. But sufficient to say – it was not sustainable long term and I managed to kick the habit. Handy Hint: Go from a full tablet, to half a table, to a quarter of a tablet, to a quarter every other day. It’s easier that way and chopping them up will make you feel all glamorous like a South American drug Lord.
  3. I saw a dude in the elevator at work who I know’s been struggling with this awful cancer off and on for most his adult life. I see him struggle like mad with it, but that man squeezes every droplet he can out of the life he has left. Concerts, vacas, Disney land etc. He’s in and out of chemo and up and down mountains and then puking and wearing diapers so he can run marathons despite only having one leg (the cancer took the other). He’s awesome. He’s kind of my hero. But best of all, seeing him in the elevator today he looked totally ‘normal’ – if a bit on the thin side – even though I know things aren’t normal at all for him. Either way it was good to see him at work. Doing the thing.
  4. Eldest child is hot in the case for me to buy him seaweed. He traded some at school for a pack of Fritos and now he’s mad for the green stuff. I love that my eight-year-old is even aware that seaweed can be eaten. I lived on an english diet of boiled potatoes and chicken till I was about 18 and I didn’t even eat an avocado till I was about 28. Progress people. The human race is progressing.
  5. I dyed my own hair last week and managed to cover the grey without ending up looking like a tabby cat in mourning. My sister is a color technician at a fancy hair salon in London so the fact that I’m coloring my own hair is a straight up betrayal of blood. However. It worked out fine. Birds did not fall from the trees. I was not struck down by the angry zap of the hair goddess straighteners in the sky. It was fine. I covered the grey and it looked ok and cost about 1/8 of the price of the salon situation. Just sayin’…
  6. Dude at work discovered that we do get MLK day off AND it’s coming up this Monday. His unfiltered joy was a beautiful thing to behold.
  7. Steam-free mirrors. I don’t have steam-free mirrors and every morning when I have to wipe a little hole within the steam cloud to put on my makeup I think, hmph. However. I know that some people in this fine world do have steam-free mirrors (I’ve been told this happens in hotels in Japan) and for them I’m grateful for the saved convenience. Also my great grandchildren will probably have steam-free mirrors as a matter of course so I’m grateful on their behalf too.
  8. My Mum emailed me yesterday how much she was enjoying this blog. Of course she doesn’t see this blog, but the sanitized version of these posts that I put on my author blog. This blog being kind of being like what the dark internet is to the normal internet. Either way she said it was about the only thing that got her through the day which probably says more about her life than my writing skills, but anyway… It was nice to hear.
  9. My co-worker brought me a little red ribbon chicken pie for breakfast this morning. If that’s not something to be grateful about then I don’t know what it is. That’s just straight up gratitude in a small white breakfast package right there. It was delicious!
  10. My son says ‘gobbles’ instead of ‘goggles’ and the word comes up more often in the course of the day-to-day than you might think. I should have corrected him years ago but didn’t because I thought it was adorable. It’s still adorable.

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