Corgis and Trumpiness

So today was the first ‘proper’ day back for everyone today after the holidays. The tube staff in London were on strike. People in LA flooded the freeways to protest at the Trumpiness of the world and in my office we looked at videos of Corgis running down a corridor and that was the Monday.

  1. On the way home there were a series of about four traffic lights out and to prevent a traffic apocalypse, a bunch of traffic cops with white gloves were out – waving their arms around. At the last of these lights I saw a gifted traffic cop. I’m not kidding. He was gifted. His movements were fluid like a ballerinas and he was so so zen. It wasn’t traffic direction, it was art. It was beautiful and I couldn’t stop watching this dumpy little Latino cop move his arms around in these amazing fluid-yet-empathic movements. We’re all scrubbing around in the mud trying to find our calling – right? Today I saw what it looks like when someone finds what it is their supposed to do with their life – and it was beautiful.
  2. It’s still raining and I’m loving every droplet of it. I should really live in Seattle or really anywhere other than LA as too much sun makes me miserable and itchy. But anyway – today the clouds were sitting halfway down the mountain like a bunch of smug cotton balls and I swear it was like Buddah had farted and wrapped it up on a puff of smoke and stuck it on the hillside. The whole thing was transcendent. I really like rain y’all.
  3. My OH is a sound dude in Hollywood. To say work is up and down is a big fat understatement. We live in a state of famine or feast all the time. When he’s working the money is great. And that’s good because we spend a lot of it. I’ve no idea on what. No one’s taking fancy vacations or driving fancy cars round ours. It’s just the price of life, isn’t it. Anyway, today he found he’s got a gig that’s probably going to last for months. That means months without having to worry about money. Nothing’s ever guaranteed of course, but a hint of work is better than a not hint of work. Awesome sauce.
  4. Which transitions to my next point. My OH works with some Hollywood peeps who are, shall we say, behaviorally challenged. Between that and the ADHD Eldest it can get pretty stressful and instead of just going into a Cave of Dark Sad Mood he’s decided to go and see a therapist about his stressful life so he can talk it all out. All he basically needs is a male flesh wall to sit and hear him out. I offered to be the flesh wall but he says he prefers for someone else to hear it in order to preserve some sweetness in our relationship. Fair enough.
  5. The kids sat down nicely at their little art table today and were quiet for about seven minute while they did an art project. The eldest drew a gem and the youngest did an orange sparkly splodge. They’ve actually both pretty good at art I’ve noticed and I love that they get so absorbed in it. Also gives mommy a cotton pickin’ minute to go and re-fill her wine glass without “mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy…”
  6. I’m doing pretty well with the first draft of my next novel. However I just passed one major plot point yesterday and today when I sat down to write more, I was terrified I’d ‘lost it’. Sometimes a book just slips away from you and there’s nothing you can do about it. It happens to me a lot. But the words still came and the stuff was still good. I think blogging like this in about fifteen minutes of frenzied no-presh typing is actually helping my novel writing. Bonuses for everyone.
  7. I had a wacky dream last night that Kate Hudson’s baby vomited on me so she decided to take me to a secret clubhouse to get cleaned up. We crawled into the clubhouse through the fire-pit and when we got there it was full of 40 year old white guys and I thought, “This is not a place for women” and then I woke up. It’s totally a sign. My mom met her BFF when her daughter vomited on her daughter so this obviously means Kate Hudson would love to be my BFF. The clubhouse is like Hollywood – Kate Hudson’s going to show me the secret backdoor in. When I get there it’ll be a bit white male dominated, but it’s all good. I’ll go and join in anyway. Today I found out who Kate Hudson’s manager is and I’m going to mail him my last novel. A bit of a shot in the dark. Ok, a total shot in the dark. But at least my gun is firing.
  8. I made some dinner today and I added about twenty million more cheese than I normally do to this specific shitty recipe and it went from a ho hum dish to something actually quite yummy. We all like quite yummy.
  9. Red wine. I’m drinking the best – you’d better believe it – red wine right now. OH’s millionaire boss gave us a crate of wine for xmas and each bottle has been like a song. I love it. And I love that OH and I drink it together and don’t hoard it for a celebration or something lame like that. Everyday’s a celebration!
  10. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. My eldest is a ‘reluctant reader’ which basically means he won’t even be read to. Kid doesn’t even like Harry Potter. For real. He enjoyed the Captain Underpants series but we tore right through that and that author’s made so much dough he’s only outputting a new kids book every couple of years now. Unacceptable. But today we started the Wimpy Kid series and it’s fabulous. No boring “Jack n Annie style” descriptions of ancient Rome here. It’s awesome and Eldest is managing to read it with no trouble. Awesome sauce.

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