Sunday funday

  1. I’m from England and I’m very fussy about my tea. The water’s not right. It’s too strong. Too milky. Not milky enough. Today I had two perfect cups of tea in a row and I enjoyed them so much I actually smacked my lips. Tea rocks it.
  2. A friend sent me an awesome passage from a book about a seed that grows up to be a beautiful tomato plant and how improbable the whole miracle is but yet it happens anyway. I woke up and the message was right there and I can’t think of a better way I could have started the day. Nature is magic. Life is magic. Tomato seeds are magic.
  3. I snuck off into my writing studio today and wrote a cracking scene that’s one of the huge plot points in my next novel. I got it just right. I have two kids and a full-time job so writing time is stolen from other time. Namely time with my family and time when I should be sleeping. Another friend told me today that she admires my dedication. But it’s not dedication, is it. It’s compulsion. I’m compelled to write. I mean there about four people reading this at the most and yet here I am, typing away. Why? Because I have to. And today I got to do it. Two hours unadulterated (or rather unchilded) writing time. And what rewards.
  4. The weather was nuts beautiful today. The rain cleared, it was gently warm but mellow. A bit of a chill in the evening air. I can’t imagine weather more perfect. I guess that’s what you come to expect of Southern California but having grown up in England I will never take it for granted.
  5. I’m reading another great book – this time by Jojo Moyes. I can’t remember the title – does it even matter, they’re all brilliant. She’s such an amazing writer. I’ve been trying to analyze why and I gave up because don’t know why. She’s just great. Unusual name. Wonder what the story behind it is.
  6. Gratitude 494 has 18 Twitter followers. Whoo Hoo! Microscopic potatoes I know. But hey – not bad for something I started the day before yesterday on a whim.
  7. The kids played NICELY together this evening. They made lego towers and brought them to me for judgement and I gave each construction a thorough but upbeat critique. Kids are so creative. Each tower had windows for viewing caterpillars and drawers for hiding from the zombies and launch pads for firing humans into space so they could fix the universe. Kids are awful. But they are also the most awesome special things on the planet.
  8. I haven’t seen La La Land yet but I’m stashing it away in my ‘this will be fun later’ safe. Good to know people are still creating awesome things that can thrill and delight – even now. All the stories will never be told. They keep coming in. And I can’t wait to see and read them all.
  9. My daughter loves to read. I managed to pass my love of literature onto one of my children. The eldest can’t abide it but the younger one can’t get enough. Sometimes she sits me down and tells me stories about fairies and igloos though she didn’t have any today because she said the stories were ‘all with you mommy.’ What does that mean? Has my greedy writer spirit sucked all the stories over into my aura in some kind of greedy story vacuum. I’ve no idea. Kids live in a different realm. But really. They do. I wish I could go there with them. I think that’s why I write. So I can get a glimmer of what they see all day long.
  10. It’s Sunday evening. I’m not over the moon about going to work tomorrow but I’m not cut up about it either. Not everyone gets that. My job is bla. But it’s ok. I’m working on getting to a non-bla situation, but for now bla is better than bloody awful. Bring on the Monday!



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