Medieval Tunics and Dental Pain

  1. Dental pain. That’s right, I’m grateful for the dental pain I’m currently experiencing. I had braces fitted a few months ago and they are THE WORST. According to my dentist, my crappy British teeth are all misaligned and sunken in like an old horse so unless I wanted to be sucking on grey gruel at the age of 57, braces are needed. They’ve been on for months and nothing’s happened. My teeth appear to have been made of cement. However, she recently put a bunch of springs in there, like I’m some kind of defective clock, but now those suckers are shifting…. Finally. Hence the pain. And hence the gratitude. More pain = fixed teeth.
  2. Change. I’m grateful for change. Most people hate change as is the way of the human, but I like it. Change can be rough (see 2016) but it can also be transformative – which of course is all kind of tied up the in the word CHANGE. In the 1900s teenager girls were dying after getting burned in cotton factory’s with no fire escapes and shit but now they have iPhones and medication to help them with their acne. The world today always seems like it’s a bit crap. But really, stuff is changing and mostly for the better.
  3. English TV. I don’t watch much TV but what I do watch is normally English. The English do TV brilliantly. I’m sure you can think of one million examples of your own but let’s quickly rattle off a few: Black Mirror. Sherlock Holmes. The Office. Cold Feet. Doctor Who. It goes on and on. Why are the English so good at TV? Probably all those years on an island with fewer invaders than the average community in mainland Europe was having to deal with at the time. I mean, they got invaded a lot. But surely not as much as everyone else was having to put up with. Plus rain all the time. What’s to do? No battles to fight. Don’t want to get your medieval tunic wet. Stay inside by the fire and tell a story.
  4. I met a man in the elevator this morning who was practically bouncing into work. He greeted everyone in there with large-scale exuberance – including the cleaner. He was almost bursting with his joy for the day ahead. And then he accidentally hit the alarm button on the elevator as he was swinging his bags around and for whatever reason, that sent him into a spiral of despair. The whole thing was amusing to watch if nothing else. Be nice to cleaners y’all.
  5. I wore a black bra to work under a pale pink shirt today. I didn’t realize this would be an issue until I saw it in the mirror in the bathrooms. And why is this on the gratitude list? Because I realized I didn’t care… Because I’m almost 40 and I don’t care if people are judging me for a poor choice of dark-colored bra. I just don’t.
  6. Clinque products! A great huge box of them arrived by my boss’ desk this afternoon and I was allowed to help myself! Sent by someone who works in the NY office – you don’t need the whole backstory here, but the big deal is: FREE CLINQUE PRODUCTS! About as much as I could get my hands on and a whole new sparkly bag to put them in. (The makeup bag they came with literally was sparkling with rhinestones) I was so buzzing with gratitude that I decided that in order to be the most grateful I should use all these products immediately. So instead of hoarding them and then forgetting about them, or maybe filtering them in one by one when my old products finally turned to dust, I threw out all my old stuff and started using all the new Clinque stuff IMMEDIATELY. Yesterday I was just a girl with an old makeup bag from the 90s and moisturizer purchased at CVS. Now I have a brand new rhinestone embellished makeup bag brimming with Clinque!  #americaatitsbest
  7. So I have a free little library outside my home that I installed a couple of years ago. It’s pretty cool. I get to gawk at people who are gawking at the books and then send the dog out to see them off it they stay too long. (Oh, I’m kidding…) So I went to check my library when I got home from work and someone had put a book in about GRATITUDE! Just a day after a started this blog! So I got all grateful for the gratitude book that was obviously sent by the gratitude Gods who have been reading this blog about gratitude and now I’m writing about it on my gratitude blog and it’s just a sweet little circle of grateful I’ve got going on here. I’m yet to read the book. I think the writer dies of cancer at the end. But I think when he’s writing it he’s frequently grateful he’s not dead quite yet. Though he has been given two months to live at the start of the book I believe. It’s quite a short book. If he can find the grateful in that then I’m sure we can all dig up a little bit of grateful in our own filthy lives.
  8. I’m grateful for my new audio book that I listen to everyday during my two-hour commute. I always listen to books on my commute. Sometimes they are brilliant, but about half the time they suck it. This one is one of the good ones. Oh – It’s The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman. Buy it people.
  9. My publisher. I read an interview with the Editorial Director of my imprint today (I write novels btw) and it was awesome. The most awesome thing about it was that I realized that the type of fiction she likes to publish is exactly the type of fiction I like to write. Which is obviously why they publish me, but for the first time, maybe ever, I read the lengthy description of the type of books they like to publish (which was a perfect example of the books I like to write) and I thought: I found it. I found the place where I belong. For once I’m not trying to rework myself to be something else that someone needs me to be in order to be functional in their generic situation. I can do exactly what it is that I’m doing and it’s… right. Exactly right for this exact situation. And that really was a massive gift. Just to be me, and for someone to see that and say “Oh, yes. That’s rather odd but very specific way of being, is EXACTLY what I was looking for in a human. I’ll take two.”
  10. My hometown paper did a little article on my novel! My mum texted me all in a flutter because she had ‘reporters’ on the phone and didn’t know what she should and shouldn’t say. Maybe she’s confusing me with someone else cause I don’t really have a whole lot of dark foreboding secrets that Must Not Be Divulged. And then my best friend from when I was five emailed me (I call her cornfield Emma – because hometown = cornfields – right?) to say that her mum and seen the article though she hadn’t read it herself. That’s about the extent of it, but kind of nice mini slice of infamy and definitely one for the gratitude list.

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