Gratitude 1.5.17

One day, things like this will be banned from the internet, because this is basically me putting my journal online in lieu of buying a cute lockable one from Barnes and Noble and filling that up – convenient for me, good for the trees but surely a waste of the precious space that is the internet. The internet seems to be vast limitless thing right now but surely one day won’t it get clogged up with crap like this?

Well. Until that time, here’s my ten Gratitudes for the day:

  1. A nice chill evening with the Youngest Child. Youngest Child is pretty chill. Eldest Child is a bundle of tragic frantic anger and despair and is spending the night with his step-grandmother. He was supposed to go to Disneyland today but that got rained out. Oh well, there’s always another day tomorrow – another day to stay with your step-grandmother. Bwa ha ha…
  2. I almost can’t remember what I had for dinner. But I feel like it was really good. Oh yes, now I remember, In and Out. Oh man there’s very little in the world that will satisfy you so totally for under $5.
  3. The new crappers at work. We recently moved to a new office building (hassle) but it’s actually turned out ok. The toilets instead of now being in weird half covered stalls where the door would randomly fly open when someone on the other side of the office turned the printer on, now actually close. And cover you up. I mean you have no idea who’s in the stall next door – and believe me when I say that is a blessing. Mind you someone was very obviously having a happy time with their golden flower in the stall next to me yesterday and I’ve no idea who that was. And it would have been intriguing to know. For no other reason than to see the scandal on HR’s face when I grassed the offender up.
  4. A beer. I just drunk a nice beer leftover from our NY party and it was super mellow. I’ve been drinking waaaay too much wine recently and I miss beer. It was nice to be friends with a beer today.
  5. My OH is putting Youngest Child to bed. Bath. Pjs. Hair. Story. Etc. He does this almost every night. I’ve been told that most women don’t get this. I’m pretty lucky.
  6. Rain. It’s raining today and has been raining off and on for the past week. I like the rain. There was a beautiful drip drip sound this morning when I was meditating and it was just a lovely lovely thing. Rain also means we can drink water and stuff so it’s really good to have around.
  7. Sex. The OH and I have decided to have SEX once a week. Seeing as we’ve been together forever and spend most of our time either working or child wrangling, this is a major achievement. To make it easy we decided to coincide SEX DAY with trash collection day. We might forget the sex but we won’t forget to put the trash cans out so it’s a good reminder. I’m not being ironic. It’s a good reminder. We’ve had two sessions of trash day sex now and it’s been great. I’m a woman with children so I’m not supposed to be interested in sex. But GUESS WHAT. I am…
  8. The NY. I’m grateful for the NY. Oh the flailing and gnashing 2016 brought. 2017 might be gearing up to be a real shiva of a shit festival but at least it’s not 2016 anymore.
  9. My birthday. I have a birthday coming up and I’m going to be 40. I’m supposed to be terrified of this. Especially as my last fuckable day is coming right up and as I’ve already revealed, I actually like sex! But I don’t have to worry about any of that because Trash Day Sex Rule – I’m golden. I’m just going to enjoy my birthday, eat cake, go to the spa, have sex (if it falls on a trash day) and maybe fart the fart of the 40 year old.
  10. This blog. What a cracking idea this was!



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